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Sydney Opera House on the Harbour
Photo: Sydney Opera House on the Harbour

Sydney Tourist Guide

This jewel of the South Pacific awaits your visit. If one word can sum up a city, the word describing Sydney Australia is diversity. This is a city of diverse culture, a diverse ethnic blend, diverse shopping and diverse experiences.

Sydney Australia

Our European history bestows structure and formality, our geographic location in Asia brings diverse oriental mystery, the great South Pacific Ocean brings relaxation and the timeless expanse of this great country creates self-sufficiency.

Events and Things to Do!

Events for this month: Stay Safe, Have Fun!

Sydney Events

Attractions and Museum

When visiting you might want to check out our many attractions and museums:

Australia Attractions

Places to Visit

With all the variety on offer, places to visit around the country include beaches, landmarks, national parks and much more:

Australia Places to Visit

When in Sydney:

Sydney Places to Visit

Sydney Australia Tours

You might find it more convenient to try one of the many tours in and around the city:

Sydney Australia Tours

Greater Sydney Surrounds

Check out the beautiful Blue Mountains, the wineries of the oldest Australian wine growing region, or go exploring the north or south coast:

Sydney Suburbs and Surrounds

Sydney History

Sydney’s Aboriginal occupation dates back more than 22,000 years, perhaps even up to 50,000 years with over 5,500 known Sydney rock art sites. Early colonial explorers, like Watkin Tench, noted that aboriginal paintings and engravings were everywhere, convicts also played an important part in the early history of the city:

Sydney History

National Parks

Combined with our golden beaches, timeless history, South Pacific climate makes Australia a great place to visit, another must see is one or more of our many beautiful

National Parks

Cruising Our Harbour

This cosmopolitan city welcomes over 3 million international visitors every year, a big favourite with locals and visitors:

Sydney Harbour

Places to Eat

The Sydney Tourist Guide is designed to highlight the sights and sounds of this spectacular city; allowing travellers to also find what the city has in:



There is great shopping to be found in the city and in the suburbs. Find bargains in clothes, accessories, jewellery and just about everything you need for a good dose of shopping therapy:


Australia Tourist Guide

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Sydney Tourist Guide - Hotels & Accommodation

Find Hotels in Sydney and throughout Australia:

Sydney Hotels

You can also find airfares, travel packages, late bookings, car hire, cruises, tours and attractions:

Australia Hotels

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