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Canberra Weatherzone Report

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Weather for Today - Australia Capital Territory current and forecast weather - Updated every 2 hours.

Seasons in Australia

Note: Australian seasons are reversed to that of the Northern Hemisphere - i.e. Winter is June to August with Spring in September to November, Summer is December to February.


The climate in Australia is temperate, with over 340 sunny days per year on average. Summer can have strong sunny days so wear a hat and sunscreen between 10am and 3pm. Summer average temperature 22 Celsius, Winter avg. temperature 13 Celsius. In Australia and the tropical Pacific, the La Niña (cooler) and the La Niñno (warmer) can effect the weather to differing degrees, taking place every five years or so. The effects can be experienced as far away as Africa and the North and South Americas.

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Map shows the ACT and NSW
ACT Region Map


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