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The Little Falcon hunts small birds and animals

The Little Falcon hunts small birds and animals

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Australian Birds of Prey

This bird of prey, the Little Falcon, is increasingly more common and found along the NSW Coast.

Photo: Atop one of the many pine trees found on Sydney beach areas, this one near Bondi. Classified as the Falco longipennis: This bird of prey, also called the Little Falcon, is on the hunt.

Birds of Prey in Australia

  • Wedge-tailed Eagle
  • Sea Eagle
  • White-bellied Sea Eagle
  • Brown Falcon
  • Nankeen Kestrel
  • Black Kite
  • Whistling Kite
  • Brown Goshawk
  • Pacific Baza
  • Collared Sparrowhawk
  • Spotted Harrier
  • Australian Hobby
  • Swamp Harrier
  • Brahminy Kite
  • Black Shouldered Kite
  • Avideca
  • Red Goshawk
  • Powerful Owl
  • Hieraaetus
  • Barking Owl

Others include the Grey Falcon, Laughing Kookaburra, the Australian Masked Owl, the Butcherbird, the Roufous Owl and the Greater Sooty Owl.

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