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The Three Sisters, part of Aboriginal Folklore

The Three Sisters, part of Aboriginal Folklore

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Blue Mountains NSW Australia

About an hours drive west of Sydney city you will be at the foot of the Blue Mountains. From there, you can explore the wildlife, nature walks and majestic views of the Blue Mountains National Park.

The landscapes here date back more than 200 million years, with high sandstone escarpments pushed up and then being worn away, by the rain, wind and weight of gravity.

Attractions in the Blue Mountains include the historic Zig Zag Railway and Scenic World Blue Mountains, suitable for all ages. The rail line and its steam locomotive takes passengers past dramatic views of the rugged escarpments and Australian bushland.

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens, located at Mt Tomah has cold climate plants and trees, obtained from around the world. Mt Tomah itself was covered in a layer of basalt from a nearby volcano, the sheet being up to 140 metres thick. Hexagonal pillars have formed through erosion out of this basalt.

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Map of Greater Sydney

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