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The Webb Bridge at the Yarra’s Edge marina, Docklands Melbourne Australia

The Webb Bridge at the Yarra’s Edge marina, Docklands Melbourne Australia

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The Docklands in Melbourne Australia.

See location of the Docklands: Map of Melbourne.

With more than a hundred restaurants, bars and eateries and with more than 100 shops of all kinds, the Docklands is a place to visit for visitors to Melbourne. Easily accessible by car, tram and bus from the city center, there is a marina, an entertainment complex, sporting facilities and open space to keep one entertained.

One of the attractions in the Docklands is Waterfront City, a shopping and entertainment district. Also located here is the Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel, the Icehouse Ice Sports and Entertainment Centre as well as good collection of shops and a wide variety of eateries.

Places to Eat

Docklands Dining

More about Melbourne restaurants.

How to Get to The Docklands

See the Map: Docklands Attractions.

Trams from the city, including the free historic brown coloured City Circle Tram can get you here. Other trams include the number 70 and the number 48, also from the city centre.

Three ferry terminals also service the Docklands, including the Victoria Harbour, the New Quay and Yarra’s Edge.

Melbourne Surrounds

Maps showing the Melbourne Surrounds: Suburbs and Surrounds Melbourne Australia Map.

Places to Stay

There are conveniently located hotels in the Docklands the city, bed & breakfasts near the beach or in the city center or suburbs, caravan parks, serviced apartments and holiday homes.


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