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Gold Creek Village, the National Dinosaur Museum of Australia

Gold Creek Village, the National Dinosaur Museum of Australia

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Canberra Place to Go - National Dinosaur Museum

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The National Dinosaur Museum houses the largest collection of dinosaur displays in the country, as well as other fossils. Dinosaurs found in Australia include herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, from the small to the large.

Dating from the Cretaceous to the Jurassic, there are more than twenty complete skeletons with more than three hundred prehistoric fossils on display. Included are some of the latest finds.

The many exhibits at the museum take you through the long journey of time, from the earliest beginnings of life on earth to more recent animals.

There are guided tours available.

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Located at Gold Creek Village, just outside Canberra ACT.

National Dinosaur Museum
Gold Creek Village
Gold Creek Road & Barton Highway
Nicholls ACT 2913

Phone +061 2 6230 2655

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