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Kangaroo’s historic Hampden Bridge, which crosses the Kangaroo River.

Kangaroo’s historic Hampden Bridge, which crosses the Kangaroo River.

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Hampden Bridge

Kangaroo Valley, situated between the South Coast and the Southern Highlands produces not only gourmet foods but also fine wines from the Yarrawa Estate and the Kangaroo Valley Estate. It is also home to the Hampden Bridge.

Hampden Bridge

Hampden Bridge was built in 1898. A suspension bridge, designed with castles in mind, is reminiscent of medieval design bridges and is on the west approach to the historical village of Kangaroo Valley.

As soon as it was opened visitors began to come here and continue to do so today. This is the last wooden suspension bridge that is still in use in the country.

The Gothic Victorian sandstone towers are reminiscent of the moat bridges that were used in Europe at the entrances of castles.


Kangaroo Valley is only two hours drive from both Sydney and Canberra.

See Kangaroo Valley on the Map: South Coast Map, between Budderoo National Park and Moreton NP.


As there are gourmet food producers here in the valley, there are farms where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables. As they are best picked when in season, they also taste the best.

You can even take gourmet cooking lessons or check out the local market held monthly.

You can go kayaking or canoeing up to the upper reaches of the Kangaroo River to Morton National Park and Lake Yarunga.

The whole village is actually National Trust Hetritage listed. History buffs will love the the Pioneer Museum Park and the Pioneer Farm Museum located there, as well, the valley is dotted with historic homesteads that still stand there today.

Fantastic views of the region can be had at nearby Cambewarra Mountain.

More about Kangaroo Valley: Kangaroo Valley NSW.

NSW Places to Visit

Kangaroo Valley Information Centre

The information centre of the valley is located in the Fudge Shop in the village, on Moss Vale Road.

Nowra Visitors Information

Enquire at the Nowra Visitors Information Centre about Kangaroo Valley and National Parks in the region. Cnr. Princes Highway and Pleasant Way, Nowra NSW 2541. Phone 1300 662 808 or International +061 2 4421 0778.

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