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Weather Snowy Mountains NSW Mt Kosciuszko Surrounds

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Snowy Mountains Weatherzone Report

Map - See the New South Wales Map - Snowy Mountains Map NSW.


The New South Wales Snowy Mountains, known for its skiing in winter, is popular the year round for fishing, hiking and watersports. To the southwest of Canberra, the highest mountains in Australia are situated here, including Mt Kosciuzko - pronounced ‘ku-zi-osko’.

Alpine weather in Australia

One needs to be aware of the requirements of Alpine hiking and climbing by not hiking alone. Check the weather before hand - do not go hiking or trekking in bad weather. Phone the Snowy Region Visitor Centre at 6450 5600 for more information. Bookmark this page for handy reference.

Kosciuszko National Park

Note: Popular misspellings of the name Kosciuszko National Park include Kosciusko, Kosciuzko, Koziusko, Kosiosko, Koscusko, Kociosko and Kociusko - go figger. Locals have been known to call it ‘ Kossie ’. The name was originally given by Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki, explorer, scientist and humanist.

Snowy Mountains NSW Snowfields

The snowfields of the Snowy Mountains Snowy Mountains NSW Snowfields.

Thredbo Places to Eat

Weather and Seasons in Australia

Note: Seasons in Australia are reversed to the Northern Hemisphere - i.e. Winter is June to August with spring in September to November, Summer is December to February. Australia has a temperate climate, with over 340 sunny days per year. Summer can have strong sunny days so wear a hat and sunscreen between 10am and 3pm (when outdoors!). Summer average temperature 22 Celsius, Winter avg. temperature 13 Celsius.

Victoria High Country Snowfields

Explore the Victoria High Country Snowfields High Country - Victoria Snow and Alpine Eco Paradise.

Sapphire Coast NSW

You can head from the Snowfields to the beautiful Sapphire Coast with its stunning beaches and National Parks in a matter of hours Touring the South Coast NSW.

Map of the Snowies

Map of the Snowies - See Map of the Snowy Mountains NSW.

Map shows National Parks, towns and places of interest, including Perisher Village, Thredbo village, Mount Kosciuszko and the Selwyn snowfields. Also Canberra and the East Coast of NSW.

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