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The Museum on North Terrace, Adelaide

The Museum on North Terrace, Adelaide

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South Australian Museum

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With a large skeleton of a blue whale at the entrance to the building, the South Australian Museum is a dynamic museum and research centre with diverse collections from around the state as well as far away as outer space and Egypt.

The museum of renowned for its extensive collection of Aboriginal artefacts. Centered around cultural and natural history and South Australia’s heritage.

Also at the entrance is a large meteorite, weighing in at over twenty tonnes.

Ancient Egypt

With an amazing collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, the museum’s Egypt gallery even has sarcophagus with mummies.

Aboriginal Culture

Their Aboriginal Culture gallery has thousands of artefacts, dating back many thousands of years. There are even bark canoes. Aboriginals used them for fishing, travelling to remote islands and across rivers on a regular basis. As basic as they may seem, the canoes were actually quite sturdy and hence useful.

The extensive art collection would be amazing to those interested in the arts, with works from all over Australia and the Torres Strait Islands. There are also photographs, old audio recordings, maps and other tools and implements.


The Mawson gallery has artefacts and photos of the great explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson. Items from his journeys include his sled and tools. Included are letters from his explorations.


Some extremely important palaeontology sites have been discovered in South Australia. With over fifty thousand fossils, dating back to the Ediacaran and later. Many of these are on display, showing the progress of evolution over hundreds of millions of years.


North Terrace
Adelaide, SA 5000
Phone: +61 8 8207 7500

The museum, dedicated to preserving the important artefacts of South Australia’s cultural and natural history is sure to provide an interesting learning environment for visitors. Ideally, you can easily spend all day and more here. More than one visit, if you can, is in order in this great museum.

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