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The South End of Victoria Square

The South End of Victoria Square

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Parks and Squares of Adelaide

See the Adelaide City Map.

Adelaide, the city of parks, churches and culture. Surrounded by parklands, the city centre also has squares for people to enjoy and gather for special events.

Exploring the City

The park squares are bypassed by the City Connector, a free bus service that allows you to tour the city in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise. The clockwise bus service (98A and 98C) not only takes you past Victoria Square but around North Adelaide and the central part of the city.

The anti-clockwise bus service (99A and 99C) will take you around the main city centre, with stops at places that will get to the main attractions located here.

Victoria Square

At the very centre of the city is Victoria Square. With two fountains at both ends, it provides a needed breathing space for the city and celebrates the origins of Adelaide with its Aboriginal heritage. A large Aboriginal flag flies next to the Australian Flag near the centre.

The fountain featured in the main picture at the top of the page was designed and created by John Dowie in 1968.

You can view the park on a city’s Webcam: Victoria Park Webcam.

Light Square

Light Square celebrates Col. William Light, he designed this purpose built city. Located in the west side of the city centre, by Waymouth St. and Currie St., dividing Morphett St. The square was named after him by the street naming committee later.

Colonel Light is buried under an tall obelisk in the centre of the park, surrounded by a pool of water. At the top of the obelisk (made of red granite) is is a surveyor’s theodolite.

Whitmore Square

In the south west of the city and is named after William Wolryche Whitmore, who, as a member of the British Parliament, introduced the South Australia Foundation Act, leading to the establishment of the colony.

Wellington Square

Located in North Adelaide, it is named after Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington. He is perhaps most famous as the general who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. He also played a role in establishing the passage of the South Australia Foundation Act .

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