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Coffin Bay National Park, Beaches and Coastal Vistas on the Eyre Peninsula. Photo: Greg Snell Tourism Australia

Coffin Bay National Park, Beaches and Coastal Vistas on the Eyre Peninsula. Photo: Greg Snell Tourism Australia

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Coffin Bay National Park, Eyre Peninsula

Map showing the location of Coffin Bay National Park and others in South Australia: South Australia National Parks.

Occupying a peninsula surrounded by the Great Australian Bight, Coffin Bay NP has wonderful secluded beaches, backed by massive sand dunes or high cliffs as well as calm bays, sheltered from the winds and high surf. A good place for experiencing South Australiaés coastal wilderness, birdlife is abundant as are the spectacular vistas of the ocean and surf.

There are places to visit in the park that are accessible via 2 wheel but much of the peninsula requires travel over 4WD tracks or via foot over walking trails. With two wheel drives, popular spots are Point Avoid, about 18km from the park’s entrance and Yangie Bay, 15km. Other accessible places include Almonta Beach and Golden Island Lookout.

4WD Drives

4WDs with high wheel clearance are neccesary for most of the rest of the Coffin Bay Peninsula. You will need to bring plenty of water, fuel and food.

Walking Trails

There are walking trails that cover much of the park, a number of them following old vehicle tracks, the beaches are also a pleasant walking experience.

S.A. National Parks Information

Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre
3 Adelaide Place, Port Lincoln (opposite Post Office)
Open 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week
Phone: (08) 8683 3544 or 1300 788 378

At the centre they have maps, park passes as well as all the information you need to enjoy the park. There is an information line available, phone +618 8688 3111 or contact them online at Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.


There is camping available here. You will also need a permit, call +618 8553 4444 for more information.

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