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Sydney Australia Weather

Sydney Australia Weather

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Sydney Daily Weather Current and Forecast

Map - See Sydney Map NSW.

Weather for Today - Sydney NSW current and forecast weather - Updated every 2 hours.

If you do not see the Sydney Daily Weather Chart above, try here:

Sydney Weather

Sydney Tourist Travel Facts and Information

For more Sydney tourist travel facts and information for visitors to Australia - about Sydney Information.

Sydney Map

Tourist Map of Sydney - See:

Sydney Map

The map shows Sydney Places to Visit, including Museums, Attractions and Art Galleries.

Australia Seasons

Sydney average temperatures and rainfall

Note: Seasons in Australia are reversed to the Northern Hemisphere - i.e. Winter is June to August with spring in September to November, Summer is December to February. Australia has a temperate climate, with over 340 sunny days per year. Summer can have strong sunny days so wear a hat and sunscreen between 10am and 3pm (when outdoors!). Summer average temperature 22 Celsius, Winter avg. temperature 13 Celsius.

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