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While the allure of gold has poisoned many a mind, why not try your luck at finding gold in the Goldfields

While the allure of gold has poisoned many a mind, why not try your luck at finding gold in the Goldfields

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Victoria Australia - Explore the historic gold towns, take a chance at discovering gold, enjoy great cuisine and see where the armed Australian rebellion took place in 1854.


It all started at Bendigo in 1854, where fame of its riches spread all over the world, attracting miners and would be miners from afar as California, China and Europe.

Today Bendigo still displays is 1850’s wealth with its Victorian Era architecture. Only a hundred years later, in the 1950’s, did the last gold mine close, yet new technology offers hope to mining companies for the region.


Of the many historic gold towns, over 100,000 Kgs of gold have been extracted from the Castlemaine area. A fine example of Victorian architecture, The Castlemaine Market, now a Gold museum, is well worth a visit. Another notable example is the Buda, built by a retired Baptist preacher in the style of an Indian villa.

Ballarat and The Eureka Stockade

Near Ballarat in 1854, the only armed Rebellion in Australian history took place at Eureka. Considered by many as an Australian hallmark, it began because of miners protesting a number of strict regulations, including the issuing of miner’s licences that would be checked up to twice a week. The license fees were charged whether or not the miners found any gold, it was the last straw.

The rebellers built a stockade of logs, were called Diggers, and although the whole battle only took 20 minutes, the Diggers lost. However, all arrested were acquitted and released the next year. The miners were given representation in the Legislative Council.

At the Ballarat Eureka Stockade the Diggers had lost but won the war, many believe this event was the beginning of Australian democracy.

Ballarat Wildlife Park, covering 16 hectares of natural bushland, houses a rich collection of Australian wildlife and offers close contact with koalas, wombats, kangaroos and even crocodiles.


There are numerous restaurants in the area, as well as some great cafés. Many offer Australian as well as international fare. Gillies Pie Shop at Bendigo, is renowned for its Australian meat pies, indeed, of all kinds.

With a vivid history and plenty of contemporary luxuries, Victoria’s goldfields are a gorgeous and elegant treat.

Another gourmet treat - The Goldfields are home to the wine regions of the Pyrenees, Ballarat, Bendigo and Heathcote with some 23+ wineries: Goldfields Wineries Victoria - Tourist Info.

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Goldfields Accommodation & Victoria Hotels

There are quite a few hotels to choose from, from the budget to 5 star. Serviced private apartments are also a great way to stay in the city and of course there are plenty of motels.

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