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Cycle Paths criss cross Canberra as well as Roads

Cycle Paths criss cross Canberra as well as Roads

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Getting Around the City of Canberra

See the Canberra attractions map Canberra Attractions Map.

There are numerous cycle paths and designated bicycle lanes on roads as well as convenient walking paths that can get you around scenic Canberra - making it a great way to see the city.

Needless to say, Canberra city is new amongst the world’s cities so the roads are well designed and broad. Even the suburbs, for the most part, have pleasant roads so it is quite easy to get around with cars. Parking is often free, though not always.

Buses in Canberra

Action Bus Service can take you to all the city’s attractions in comfort. You can purchase their Daily Ticket for discount travel to explore virtually the whole city, perfect for sightseeing. They can be purchased from the bus driver.

City Attractions that you can take the bus to:

Route 101

A new free bus service has been launched to cater for the inner city of Canberra, which passes major tourist attractions and loops through the city centre:

Free City Loop Bus Service

Nightrider Bus Service

During the December holiday season on weekends there is also a Nightrider bus service that can take you from the city.

There are also extra bus services for when major events are held in the city.

Airport Express Shuttle

There is an Airport Express shuttle bus, which can take you to and from the city to Canberra International Airport, as well as Russell.

More Information

See Canberra Buses or phone: 13 17 10 for more information.

Free City Loop Bus Service

Parks and Gardens

See more about the many Parks and Reserves in Canberra and the ACT ACT National Parks.


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