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Sydney Australia

Sydney Australia

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Major Cities of Australia

See the map showing the major cities Map of Australia.

Life in the big cities of Australia exemplify the tastes of the country, a love for foods from all over the world, there are great places to eat using the best local produce. Australians love the ocean as well as exploring the uniqueness of the inland outdoors with great gusto.

Festivals and events complete the picture. The excellent wines, beers and ales found here are known around the world. Needless to say, Australians also love their sports.


Aboriginal culture and cuisine is becoming more accepted and celebrated, the newer migrants happily inter-marry, producing new Australians with a cosmopolitan outlook that are happy to not only visit diverse parts of the world but with a great respect for what Australia has to offer.

Major Cities

Sydney has its wonderful beaches and harbour, Melbourne has the title as the ’food capital of Australia’, Darwin the tropics and Aboriginal and Asian influences.

Perth has its newness, new found wealth and scenery, Adelaide has great music and arts tradition while Canberra has excellent national museums and art galleries.

Brisbane is said to be more laid back, but that too, is quickly changing. Hobart has historic buildings and is close to vast pristine wilderness. That being said, they are all growing, in cultural outlook as well as population.

All of the cities have ready access to everything else the country has to offer, stunning national parks, scenic beaches, cruising the ocean and waterways, exploring historic towns and exploring the beginnings of this country.

City Quick Facts

The British Empire first claimed the east part of continental Australia (they had not yet discovered Tasmania) when Captain Cook arrived in 1770. Settling here on 26th January, 1788 with prisoners and their guards, the Colony of New South Wales was established. It was not long before new colonies were declared, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland as self governing.

Through the early years, farming and sheep helped them create wealth, then gold was discovered and the Australian mining industry was established.

The Commonwealth of Australia was created on the 1st of January, 1901, when the six colonies joined together. Today, it is still a Commenwealth Realm.

Today, the population is in excess of 23,400,000 with the majority living in the capitals of the early colonies, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

Sydney Australia was the first city, today it has a population of more than 4 million. Hobart Tasmania was the second city established, also as a penal colony and then Melbourne in Victoria, presently the fastest growing city in the country.

Melbourne was the capital of Australia initially, however, squabbles erupted between Sydney and Melbourne as to what city was the real capital. Canberra was designed from the ground up in the Australian Capital Territory in 1908, created between NSW and Victoria. There are those who saw this as an amicable solution, however, there are others who saw it as a ’a good sheep paddock, ruined’.

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