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The Barracks located at Queens Square, Macquarie St. Sydney Australia Museum

The Barracks located at Queens Square, Macquarie St. Sydney Australia Museum

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Hyde Park Barracks Sydney Australia

Hyde Park Barracks (Map)

Francis Greenway

This simple yet elegant building was built between 1817 and 1819. Designed by the ex-convict made good in the then penal colony of New South Wales NSW, Francis Greenway.

Francis Greenway had been sentenced to death for forging a document, but it was commuted to 14 years with servitude in the fledgling penal colony of NSW. He went on to design a number of other key Sydney landmarks, including the ’Rum’ Hospital, the building now used as the Conservatorium of Music and the original Macquarie Lighthouse at Dunbar Head, near Bondi Beach.

The Building

The Hyde Park Barracks building was purpose designed to house male convicts sent from Britain, which it did till Britain stopped sending convicts to the colony in 1848. It has been used for a number of other purposes since then, including a women’s asylum and offices for legal workers.


Today it is a museum with a World Heritage listing, dedicated to the history of the building and convict life. You can visit here daily from 9.30 to 5.00pm, except Good Friday and Christmas Days.

19th Century View
Image: 19th Century View of the Barracks

Australia Map of Sydney CBD

Map of Sydney CBD showing the Hyde Park Barracks and other Sydney places to visit Sydney Maps.

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Hyde Park Barracks

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