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View of Sydney City over Sydney Harbour

View of Sydney City over Sydney Harbour

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Australia Attractions

Australia is a young country on an old continent, in fact, the world’s oldest. There are natural attractions, animals, plants and landscapes not found anywhere else in the world, you can also find sub-tropical islands to lounge on, mountains to ski, desert areas, savannah plains and stunning beaches.

The landscape is ancient and diverse and now, so is the mix of people that live here. Inhabited by Aboriginal people for more than fifty thousand years, perhaps much longer, combined with newer immigrants coming from all over the world to make a new life for themselves.

There is much in Australia to experience and discover. You will find great food and wine, influenced not only by the cuisines from around the world, but truly Australian as well. See the Map of Australia.

Australia Capital Territory ACT

ACT Attractions

Canberra and ACT Attractions, Museums
and Art Galleries:

New South Wales NSW

Attractions in Sydney

Attractions, Museums and Arts Galleries in NSW:

Northern Territory NT

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Attractions and Places to Visit

Queensland Australia QLD

Museums in Queensland

Queensland Australia:

South Australia SA

Attractions South Australia

Attractions in South Australia and Adelaide:

Tasmania Australia TAS

Attractions in Tasmania

Attractions in Tasmania:

Victoria Australia VIC

Attractions in Melbourne Australia

Victoria and Melbourne Australia Attractions:

Western Australia WA Museums, Art Galleries and Attractions

Attractions in WA

Attractions in Western Australia including Perth:

Australia Natural Wonders

In Australia, there are ancient natural wonders to visit, as well as newer iconic attractions such as the Sydney Opera House. With tropical landscapes to the far north, untouched rainforests and national parks to explore around the continent to the vast wilderness areas of beautiful Tasmania, Australia awaits your own fun discoveries and experiences. See more about the:

National Parks and Reserves in Australia

Great Australia Drives

Great Australia Drives

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