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Mamre Homestead, home to the Samual Marsden Family

Mamre Homestead, home to the Samual Marsden Family

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Mamre Homestead Sydney Australia

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St. Mary’s, Sydney Australia

Mamre Homestead was the home of the Reverend Samuel Marsden family. Built in the early 1820s.

View of Mamre Homestead
Photo: Built in the early 1820s

History of Wool in Australia

The homestead was begun as an experimental working farm and a place where Merino sheep flocks were kept. It turned out to be a very a successful attempt at pioneering the Australian wool industry.

Today, the Australian Merino as a breed has not only the finest wool of any sheep breed, but also has meat capabilities. The wool is fine and crimpy as well as white.


At present, the Homestead is only open to organised tours while the restaurant is closed for renovations. They also support a host of social welfare and support programs: people with Disability including education, day support as well as a paid employment scheme with the NDIS.

See the location of St Marys on the Map of Greater Sydney Surrounds.

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