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Warragamba Dam and Lake from the Air.

Warragamba Dam and Lake from the Air.

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Warragamba Dam

One the largest man made lakes in the world, Lake Burragorang formed when the dam was completed and holds most of the potable water that Sydney uses. Parks of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area including Kanangra Boyd NP, Nattai NP and Thirlmere Lakes NP form part of the catchment area, protecting rare flora and fauna.

Held in place by the the Great Dividing Range of Australia to the west, the lake catchment covers more than 9,000 sq. kms.

National Parks

The World Heritage Blue Mountains has much of the Warragamba catchment within its borders.

Kanangra Boyd NP is located to the south west of the Blue Mountains NP. Attractions here include the Mount Cloudmaker, often covered by mists early in the morning and the sandstone cliffs of Kanangra. Trails can take you to waterfalls and their cool waters. Mountain bikers can explore along the fire trails, rock climbers and canyoners will be able to find plenty of challenges to take on.

Other national parks in the region include Turon, Gardens of Stone, Marrangaroo and Wollomi NP.

Blue Mountains

Located just west of Sydney, a great place to explore for Australian history, antique shopping, spectacular views and long or short walks in the bush.

Blue Mountains

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