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Tram to Glenelg Beach

Tram to Glenelg Beach

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Visitors using Adelaide Public Transport - with Map

See Adelaide City Central CBD Map Adelaide Map Showing CBD Attractions, Shopping, Info.

When a new visitor to Adelaide, or even residents who want to do the tourist thing for the day without the hassle of parking, you will find public transport convenient, flexible and frequent.

Probably the most common and vexing questions for visitors is where and how do you buy a ticket? Next would be what routes and times are available? What is the best way to get where I want to go?


There are three main types of tickets available. Single trip, daily and the Metrocard. Metrocard is for long term users, while the daily trip can be used from time of purchase till 4 am the next morning, regular tickets (singletrip) are valid for two hours. You can save money with regular tickets by travelling between rush hour times.


There has ample bus routes that will get you to the city centre and back or to various parts of greater Adelaide. Regular tickets and daytrip can be purchased from the driver.


Train tickets, both the daily and the singletrip can be purchased from the machines at the station.

Glenelg Tram

There is a regular tram service from the city to the seaside suburb of Glenelg.

Today, nearly all of the original red and cream trams have been modernised. The new super trams from Germany and the original historic trams continue to have a role on the city. See the Adelaide City Map for the route.

Adelaide Transit Information Centres

There are two information centres in the city centre: Cnr of King William St. & Currie St. and at Adelaide Railway Station, North Terrace.

You can find routes and more detailed information here: Adelaide Metro.

Map of Greater Adelaide

See Adelaide Surround Map Adelaide City Map, South Australia.


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