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Adelaide Beaches: Glenelg at Sunset is a delightful Place to Visit

Adelaide Beaches: Glenelg at Sunset is a delightful Place to Visit

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Best Places to Visit in South Australia

South Australia Maps

The contrasting landscapes of South Australia is one reason why visiting here is so compelling. Sandy ocean beaches to lush valleys, mountains and forests. Deserts giving way to fertile fields, can all be found here.

Adelaide, the capital of the state, has a name for not only the arts, culture and music, but is in close proximity to a number of wonderful South Australian places to visit:

Best Places

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley has wonderful wineries to explore, as well as historical places:

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley Barossa

City of Adelaide

In the south east of the state, Adelaide Australia is by backed by the Adelaide Hills in the west and the Gulf St Vincent to the east. The city centre itself is easy to explore, you can do it by foot or take a tram or one of the many convenient free tourist route buses that are for exploring.

Capital of SA, with Tourist Map Adelaide Australia

Fleurieu Peninsula

The Fleurieu Peninsula, to the south east of Adelaide is a favourite with Australians. With its many wineries, beautiful rugged coastline and pounding surf. See more:

Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia

Fleurieu Peninsula Fleurieu Peninsula

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo island, covering over 4,500 sq. kms., is a beautiful natural place with diverse flora and fauna that had escaped the ravages of the fox, rabbit and human population since the 1800s:

Kangaroo Island South Australia

Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Island

National Parks

There are wonderful national parks and state reserves in the state of South Australia, in fact, over 300 that you can visit. Wildlife and plant life are protected here, as are the unique and special landscapes:

National Parks in South Australia

National Parks of SA National Parks

Weather for Adelaide

Daily weather forecasts for Adelaide:

Adelaide Weather.


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