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Barossa Valley Wineries - Bethany

Barossa Valley Wineries - Bethany

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Barossa Valley - South Australia Tourist Information

Only an hour’s drive north east from Adelaide, one could easily spend a number of days exploring what Barossa has to offer instead of spending a day trip from Adelaide.

History of the Barossa

Originally settled by a group of 25 German families in 1842, more families soon followed. Their heritage has left its mark, with German style farmhouses, cottages and churches dotting the landscape. Take one of the many historical walks to see much of this legacy.

Barossa Wines

Barossa is best known for its wineries and wines. The first vines were planted in 1847 at Jacobs Creek by Johann Gramp and now there are over 50 wineries offering a variety of delicious whites and reds made from Barossa fruit.

Shiraz and riesling are great varieties from the region but there are many more available and the valley is now the largest producer of quality wines in Australia.

Festivals and Events

The festivals of the area celebrate food and wine as well as music. The Barossa Vintage Festival is immensely popular with thousands of people from all over the world and Australia coming to taste the varieties of wines and food.

The Barossa Vintage Festival begins Easter Monday in every odd numbered year.

Barossa Valley Tours

There are plenty of tours to the Barossa available and it may be the wise way to go since there is a strict .05 blood alcohol limit for drivers.

There are a variety of tours operating out of Adelaide, as well a number of wineries offer their own tours. A number of these wineries also have restaurants so you can wine and dine to your hearts content.

Barossa Valley Accommodation

There are a number of hotels in the Barossa, as well as caravan parks, motels, a variety of hostels and bed and breakfast places.


The restaurants at the wineries are a great way to dine but there are many others in the Valley. They all offer the fine wines of the area as well as sumpteous fare.

Come and experience this little part of traditional German Australia.

Today’s Weather for the Barossa Region

See the Barossa region weather for today and forecasts:

Barossa Weather

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