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Fox Creek winery, McLaren Vale Winery, Adelaide Hills

Fox Creek winery, McLaren Vale Winery, Adelaide Hills

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Travel to the Adelaide Hills

Within half an hour’s drive from Adelaide lie the beautiful Adelaide Hills. There are historical townships, huge eucalypt trees, botanic gardens and lush scenery.

Even the short drive there offers great views of Adelaide, Gulf St. Vincent and the valleys, such as Piccadilly. In the warmer summer months, the Hills tend to be noticeably cooler and is a green oasis compared to the vast desert areas to the north.

The wine region of the Barossa Valley lies just below, although the Adelaide Hills produces and is known for its own outstanding wines as well.


There are towns like Hahndorf, started in 1839, with a distinctive European feel as it was settled by Germans in the late 1830s, escaping religious persecution.

Others were started by the Scottish, Cornish and English, all have left their distinctive mark.

National Parks

The national parks in the area include Cleland Conservation Park where you can walk amongst emus and kangaroos.

Hiking, commonly referred to as bushwalking in Australia, is plentiful with many trails available exploring the lush hills and mountains.

South Australia National Parks

Adelaide Hills Tours

Half day and full day tours from Adelaide is a popular way to see this region. Hanhdorf is a popular destination as is Williamstown with beautiful stone buildings.

Wine tours, to taste Australian wines, are another way to enjoy the day here, with a sumpteous lunch or dinner at a local winery gourmet restaurant.


Many of the locals as well as the tourist trade head off into Adelaide Hills on weekends most of the time, so it pays to book ahead.

There are not many hotels in the region, Adelaide only being a short scenic drive away. Bed and breakfast accommodation is one of the most popular, farmstays are another and there are a number of motels.

Dining and Restaurants

A number of the restaurants are closed during the week and open only on weekends. When they are, feast upon the many local delights with a European flavour.

Australian Wine Regions

Other well known Australian wine regions include:


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