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North West Tasmania - Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park

North West Tasmania - Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park

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Tasmania Wilderness

See the Tasmania Map.

On this beautiful and natural island state, you can find landscapes like that of northern Europe, lush green fields surrounded by deep dark green trees. Yet much of the state is wilderness, much of it stunning with crystal clear lakes and rivers, whitewater rapids, glaciered mountains and vast alpine regions.

The coast too, is varied. To the east the coastline is more peaceful and supports a thriving fishing industry.

The west of the island faces the roaring forties, with winds and surf constantly lashing the coastline. Here there are many shipwrecks from the last 200 years, these can be dived and explored.

South West

In the south west of the island state there are pristine whitewater rivers, most notably the Franklin River. Now protected by the Franklin-Gordon Rivers National Park, the river traverses heathlands, deep forests and deep gorges.

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You can see the location of National Parks in Tasmania on the Map of Tasmania National Parks.

Hobart Weather

Tasmania has variable weather that can change quickly and in winter months, due to the extreme southerly position of the island, can get cold. It is neccessary to have suitable clothing on hand if your going for anything longer than a short walk.

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