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Mount Solitary, surrounded by the eucalypt gums of the Blue Mountains.

Mount Solitary, surrounded by the eucalypt gums of the Blue Mountains.

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Mountain Peaks of the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains, part of the Great Dividing Range of Australia, has peaks that stand out and can be seen from long distances. Here are the more distinct ones:

With all walks in the Blue Mountains, it is important to observe fire safety closure alerts, particularly during warmer days.

Mount Banks

With a height of 1,049 metres, the twin humps of Mt Banks is a remnant volcanic plug, in the form of basalt. You can climb to the top with the Mount Banks Summit Walk, where at the top you will find there is a thick cover of eucalypt monkey gum trees and grasses with limited views. It begins at the picnic area and the walk up gives you fantastic scenery.

Mount Victoria

The town of Mount Victoria is situated at a height of 1,052 metres. In the town, One Tree Hill, now covered with more than one tree, reaches a heigh of 3645 feet, or 1111 metres.

Mt Hay

Also the remnant of a basalt volcanic plug, Mt Hay reaches a height of 933 metres. There are trees at the top, obscuring the view. However there is a picnic area at the end of Mount Hay road which gives you panoramic views, there a number of interesting walks at points along the road and more at the end. Those with the appropriate skills and equipment will find some excellent opportunities for rock climbing.

Mt Tomah

Also a town in the Blue Mountains, the peak of Mt. Tomah reaches a height of 1016 metres. A notable attraction of the Blue Mountains here is the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. This beautiful park, covering some 28 hectares, specializes in plants and trees from cooler climates.

Mount Wilson

The mountain village of Mount Wilson is situated at a height of 1,008 metres. Known for its fantastic gardens.

Mt Solitary

Situated in the Jamison Valley, this eucalypt covered mountain reaches a height of 950 metres.

Mount Portal Lookout

The Mount Portal lookout has great panoramic views of the Sydney, the Nepean River and the deep Glenbrook Gorge. You can get there from the town of Glenbrook. Take Bruce Road and then the Oaks Fire Trail, the short path from your vehicle is also wheel chair accessible.

Blue Mountains

Mount Werong is the highest in the Blue Mountains, some 1,215 metres above sea level.

See the map which shows places of interest and the towns and villages:

Blue Mountains Map, NSW

The Blue Mountains has deep valleys, lined by ridges. This prevented the early colonial settlers from exploring the west of NSW for many years. The first succesful route for the colonial explorers was found by by Maitland, Lawson and Wentworth who crossed the Blue Mountains in 1813.

Needless to say, Australian Aboriginals had been crossing the Blue Mountains for thousands of years.


The Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney, is a great place to explore for Australian history, antique shopping, spectacular views and long or short walks in the bush.

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