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Air Travel in Australia can include Sea Planes

Air Travel in Australia can include Sea Planes

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Flying in Australia

Major Airports Map: Australia Airports Map.

With the growing numbers of visitors to Australia, travelling in the country by air is the most popular way of getting around. There are smaller regional flights available to almost every part of the continent, as well as Tasmania, the Barrier Reef, Norfolk Island and Christmas Island.

Flying Within Australia

Major cities have regularly scheduled flights to each other, serviced by the three major airlines including Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar.

There are smaller regional airlines and speciality air services that provide tours or skydiving.

Air Travel Security

The latest info on air travel security for domestic flights in Australia: TravelSECURE.

Discounts Available

For international travel, there may be discounts available if the fares are purchased as part of their travel package. You would normally be required to purchase these before travel to the country. Some airlines even allow you to purchase discounted fares for travelling to other parts of the country without having to return to your original point of departure on a continuous journey.

At times, deeply discounted fares can be found on the main routes, such as the Sydney to Melbourne or vice versa.

Fly Drive deals can also be found, as are complete packages including Accommodation.

Travel Insurance

Certain countries have established mutual health insurance coverage with Australia, however, even then, there is online available insurance for things that are not covered. Find appropriate travel insurance cover for hospital treatment if needed, medical evacuation and particular activities you wish to participate in, including adventure sports. Take time to find out what is not covered, such as alternative accommodation costs, vehicle rental recovery, etc.

Weather for Today in Australia

Daily Weather around Australia Climate in Sydney and Australia.

Places of Interest in Australia

Places of interest: Places of Interest in Australia.

Sydney Hotels and Accommodation

Sydney hotels and other accommodation: Sydney Accommodation.

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