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Cape Tribulation Queensland - Photos Courtesy of Tourism Queensland

Cape Tribulation Queensland - Photos Courtesy of Tourism Queensland

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Australia Travel Things You Need to Know

As Australia continues to grow as a world tourist destination, it is still important to know what is important to know for travellers to this country.

Tourist Visas

It is important for visitors to Australia to have a valid passport for the time period they will be in Australia. You will also need to apply for a tourist visa, depending on your circumstance.

Extending your stay: if you obtained a Visitor visa or Working Holiday visa you can only stay twelve months or less.

For more information see the Tourist Visa Options.

Working Visas

There are requirements for those who wish to work while on vacation in Australia. See Work in Australia.

When to Visit

Australia is a large country so not only are there seasonal differences in the weather, it also depends on where you wish to visit.

The north of the country is temperate, with dry and wet seasons. The months between May through to October are normally the ’Dry Season’ this may be the best time for you to visit. It can become quite hot and humid at other times.


Australia uses its own decimal currency, commonly referred to as AUD. See more AUD Currency Exchange Rates.

Flying to Australia

International flights from Places in Europe can take up to 26 hours, which when you consider having to travel to the airport, arriving and waiting to go to a hotel or other accommodation can be quite a lengthy time. You may wish to stop over for a nights rest somewhere on these long overseas trips.

Australia Air Travel


Australian educational institutions are amongst the best, with world class training and research facilities. See more about Study in Australia.

Thought about a working holiday in Australia? Find out more Work in Australia.

Travel Insurance

Certain countries have established mutual health insurance coverage with Australia, however, even then, there is online available insurance for things that are not covered. Find appropriate travel insurance cover for hospital treatment if needed, medical evacuation and particular activities you wish to participate in, including adventure sports. Take time to find out what is not covered, such as alternative accommodation costs, vehicle rental recovery, etc.

Australia Places of Interest

Australia Places of Interest.

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