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Beautiful Gippsland Victoria.

Beautiful Gippsland Victoria.

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Victoria Best Places to Visit

Victoria Map

There are two distinct regions in Victoria, east and west. The east has a cooler climate than the west, with beautiful beaches scattered along its rugged coastline. Wineries prosper here, producing excellent wines that are great for the tastebuds.

The High Country, Australia’s alpine region that stretches into New South Wales from Victoria, has snowfields in winter and mountain splendour in the warmer months. You can find plenty to do here, anytime of year.

Western Victoria produced the greatest Gold Rush in the 1800s, which resulted in Melbourne’s wealth and grand buildings.

Visit New South Wales?

Instead of visiting New South Wales (Sydney) since it is acquiring a reputation for being a wowser¹ state, come to Victoria (Melbourne). In NSW, almost daily new laws are being passed there for tighter controls as to when you can drink, what you can do.

So come to Victoria instead! Public transport in Melbourne is noticeably much better, cheaper, the restaurants, bars and clubs are great, you will never have a problem finding things to do here. Yet at the same time, the streets here are still safer than that other city.

¹ Wowser: A person who is puritanical and/or censorious (Australian term).

Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Australia is such a distinctive city, great for culture with many of the best restaurants and eateries to be found anywhere in the world. Prices for eating and going out are reasonable too, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that did not enjoy their time here, including Australians.

Melbourne Australia

City of Melbourne Melbourne Australia

High Country

High Country offers not only great outdoor activities the year round, but also opportunities to explore history and the arts. Mountain vistas, snow in winter, sampling excellent wines, experiencing gourmet local produce and much more:

High Country

Alpine Country High Country

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, a scenic route that hugs the coast from Torquay to Apollo Bay, then west to the south west coast of Victoria, passing the landmark twelve apostles:

GOR Views Great Ocean Road


Those who love great Australian wines in all their glory, will want to check out the vineyards not only concentrated in the regions and surrounds of Melbourne, but further out. Many of them have not only cellar doors but excellent restaurants in keeping with Victoria’s reputation for gourmet dining:

Victoria Wineries

Coast of Victoria

The coast of Victoria has natural attractions, wonderful beaches, national parks, lakeways and stunning scenery:

Touring the Victoria Coast


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