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Telstra Tower atop Black Mountain

Telstra Tower atop Black Mountain

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Black Mountain Tower, Canberra

See the Black Mountain Telstra Tower on the map Canberra Map.

Going by the nickname the ’Giant Syringe’ the top of the Telstra Tower is 195 metres above Black Mountain. You can visit here to experience commanding views of the city of Canberra and its surrounds.

Another way to enjoy the views here is to have a meal at the Alto Tower, a five star revolving restaurant with three hundred and sixty degree rotation. A complete revolution takes some eighty five minutes, perfect for a great meal.

Opened on May 15, 1980 it is used as a main communication tower by Australia’s largest telecommunication company, Telstra. There is a museum located here, detailing the history of communication in Australia.

Beginning in Victoria with a telegraph, lines were quickly established to cover every major Australian city and eventually extending all the way to London.

The BMT is located just to the west National Monuments Triangle.

Visiting the Black Mountain Tower

Getting to Black Mountain Tower by car:

Black Mountain Drive turn-off
Clunies Ross Street
next to the Australian National Botanic Gardens Entrance

Canberra Map

Restaurant phone +061 2 6247 5518

For more details, visit their website Black Mountain Tower.

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