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Old Parliament House, with the Australian War Memorial in the Background

Old Parliament House, with the Australian War Memorial in the Background

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Canberra Old Parliament House

See the original Parliament House on the map Canberra Map.

One of the main attractions in Canberra is the original Parliament House. The first building in Canberra, it was completed in 1927.

This building was the focus of Australian politics till 1988, when the new Parliament House was opened.

Australian historic events happening here include the dismissal of the elected government of Australia and the then prime minister, Gough Whitlam, by the governor general John Kerr.

Other famous events include the declaration of war against Germany and its allies in 1939.

The original Parliament House is located in the center of the Monuments Triangle National Monuments Triangle.

There are numerous exhibitions in the building, relating to Australia’s history.

Visiting Old Parliament House

Capital Hill
Center of Canberra

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