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Great Views of the Ocean and Beach at the Bondi Places to Eat

Great Views of the Ocean and Beach at the Bondi Places to Eat

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Bondi Places to Eat

Bondi Beach Map

If your interested in exploring Sydney Australia’s fabulous beach culture, there is no better place to start than Bondi. It not only has a stunning beach, it has a whole array of place to eat and drink for when your not surfing, swimming or just relaxing on the sands.

There are other beaches in Sydney with similar offerings (see below) but there is the fact that Bondi is the closest beach to the city centre, it has famous life savers and can cater to all that want to enjoy its attractions. Not only that, there is the active night life scene here that also includes great places to eat and drink.

Bondi Bars and Restaurants

The Crossing Bondi

Alongside their growing and varied drinks menu including cocktails, there are tasty choices of comfort foods. As well, they have a great selection of mains to choose from. Think Wagyu Burger, Grilled Prawns and Calamari, or Buttermilk Fried Chicken:

13 O’Brien Street
Bondi Beach 2026

Phone: +061 2 9365 4134

Mojo’s Tapas Bar Bondi

Tapas! Food that has been made traditionally as food for fingers and taste as an accompaniment to drinks, particularly wines but certainly not restricted to that. Why not start with their famous garlic or chilli Tiger Prawns? Do not stop there though, their Queso Frito is delicious - Quenelles of Ricotta and Parmegian with a tasty salsa. So are their burritos, I could go on but check them out for yourselves:

32 Campbell Parade
Bondi 2026

Phone: +061 2 9130 1322

Mojo’s Tapas Bar Bondi

Hurricane’s Grill Bondi Beach

Yeah! Those hungering for a great steak cooked to perfection may want to check out Hurricane’s Grill. They also have other tasty dishes, such as lamb, beef ribs and chicken. However, their premium steaks is what I go for, big T-Bones, awesome Rib Eye, tasty Rump and last but not least, New York cut:

130 Roscoe St
Bondi 2026

Phone: +061 2 9130 7101

Hurricane’s Grill Bondi Beach


Mamasan? You bet! At this sake bar you can taste their absolutely great Asian tapas, as well as their fresh and delicious mouth-watering sashimi. Their selection of cocktails are alone going for, but best with their selection of foods. Oh, their Duck Pancakes are worth the wait, not that you have to very long, they also have a Yaki BBQ Grill and a wide selection of sashimi and sushis:

57 Beach Road
Bondi 2026

Phone: +061 2 9130 5066


Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

Can you get any closer to the water with falling in. No, but here you can enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Beach here. Named after the famous Icebergs of Bondi Beach. Enjoy drinks on the terrace, or feast in the dining room. With an emphasis on modern Italian, with their foods to reflect on fresh seasonal dishes:

1 Notts Avenue
Bondi 2026

Phone: +061 2 9365 9000

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

Lox Stock & Barrel

For something different, you might want to try the Lox Stock & Barrel. This New York style deli is famous for not only its cocktails, but its fresh baked goods and varied menus. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner:

140 Glenayr St
Bondi 2026

Phone: +061 2 9300 0368

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Map of Sydney Australia showing Bondi Beach, in the center to the east.

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