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Restaurants and Places to Eat in Cabramatta

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Cabramatta and Canley Vale in the western suburbs of Sydney is known for its Asian cuisine, but actually offers a growing range of foods with over one hundred restaurants serving food from all over the world.

The annual Moon Festival held here every year also is famous for its authentic and delicious foods from the many restaurants setting up outdoor dining. As well as food truck with speciality dishes. With this much competition, you know the food has to be tasty!

Cabramatta Restaurants

Below is a list of some of the better known Cabramatta restaurants.

Bau Truong

Vietnamese cuisine at its finest yet very reasonable prices:

42 John Street
Cabramatta, Sydney

Phone: (02) 9727 4492

Bau Truong

Fat Panda

East meets West: Japanese food with plenty of great fusion specialities as well.

233c Canley Vale Road,
Canley Heights, Sydney 2166

Phone: (02) 9755 4888

Fat Panda

Holy Basil

Thai Food Restaurant: (Also Laotian) They serve food with fresh herbs and spices which makes a big difference of course, with a delicate balance between the sour, sweet and spicy flavours:

233A Canley Vale Rd
Canley Heights, Sydney 2166

Phone: (02) 9727 7585

Holy Basil

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant

With strong influences from Cantonese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines, the chefs here (you can see them at work!) serve delicious dishes:

84 Broomfield Street
Cabramatta, Sydney 2166

Phone: (02) 9723 6228

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant

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