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Surprised to See Me? Sulphur (Yellow) Crested Cockatoo, a Parrot.

Surprised to See Me? Sulphur (Yellow) Crested Cockatoo, a Parrot.

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Australia Birds: Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

The Sulphur (Yellow) Crested Cockatoo, a Parrot, can be seen in eastern parts of Australia, Perth region and New Guinea.

This beautiful yet somewhat noisy bird can be kept as pets, although they are high maintenance as they feel the need to be close to their partner and will screech loudly, hoping for a similar response. Indeed, they are loud enough to wake the dead as my grandmother used to say.

They also love chewing on available wood, such as a nearby favourite piece of garden furniture or window frames. They also like climbing up curtains, so lace ones will not do.

In the Wild

In the wild, these birds often feed on seeds found on the ground. In larger numbers, at least one of them will always be perched high on a nearby tree or other object to loudly warn the others about the approach of potential predators.

Dancing Birds

They also have been recorded dancing to music but that’s another story. Apparently, this one, dances better than me to Happy by Pharrell Williams. So I have been told.

Places to See Birdlife in Australia

About the National Parks in Australia: Australia National Parks. The National Parks and State Reserves are often the best places to spot native and migratory birdlife. There are also a number of amazing nature parks for people to visit:

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