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The historical Quarantine Station and the harbourside Quarantine Beach

The historical Quarantine Station and the harbourside Quarantine Beach

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Quarantine Station at Manly

Manly Map

Now a historical place to visit in Sydney and quite safe is the North Head Quarantine Station at Manly, NSW (see map). Located at the north side of the harbour, it was used as a place of healing and to keep those sick from infectious diseases from spreading their illness.

These diseases were no trifling matter. Spanish Influenza, Smallpox or Bubonic Plague were just some of the serious infectious diseases, as was Anthrax.

In the days of no antibiotics, it played an important role for the Colony. In use from 1832 to 1984, it actually occupies a prime piece of Sydney Harbour real estate, with its own beach and fantastic views.

Now occupied by a museum which records the stories the travellers and new immigrants to this country and the history of the station, you can visit here:


You can also stay here, the station is located in the Sydney Harbour National Park at North Head. There is also a restaurant there, with fantastic views.

Paranormal Experiences

Those interested in exploring an alternative view of the station should try the one of the Lantern Tours or Ghost Tours. Not all who stayed there survived, yet for some reason, still stay there. Experience, if you dare... MUA-HAHAHA.

Manly Maps of Manly

See the Manly Map, showing beaches, the Quarantine Station and other places to visit:

Manly Map

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Main photo shows the beach and quarantine station in Manly. More info about Manly Beach.

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