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Tasmania Must See Places - Hobart

Tasmania Must See Places - Hobart

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Tasmania Must See Places

Map of Tasmania

With the isolation of Tasmania before and after the last ice age,the island has evolved it own unique fauna and flora. Agriculture plays an important role in the economy here, yet the natural expanses and pristine forested wilderness cover most of the state.

Must See Places


Hobart is a good place to start exploring, almost forty percent of Tasmania’s residents live here. Situated on the Derwent River, you will find lots of Australian history here as it was the second settlement after Sydney Australia was started.

Despite being the capital of Tasmania, the city of Hobart still retains much of its early maritime history:

Hobart Australia

Capital of TAS Hobart

Ben Lomond National Park

Ben Lomond NP is home to the tallest mountain in north Tasmania, located between Launceston, the east coast and the midlands. Surrounding the mountain is the national park, covering more than forty thousand hectares. It is also where one of two of the state’s ski slopes is located, the mountain plateau gives dramatic views of the surrounds.

Ben Lomond National Park Tasmania NPs

East Coast

East Coast of Tasmania Places to Visit and See. Famous for its beaches, wildlife, fishing, great food and wines and nature at its wildest and best.

Tasmania East Coast

Tasmania East Coast East Coast

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