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The East Coast of Tasmania has stunning Ocean Vistas - Freycinet Peninsula

The East Coast of Tasmania has stunning Ocean Vistas - Freycinet Peninsula

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East Coast Places To Visit

See the North West Tasmania Map.

You can find that on the East Coast of Tasmania there is wonderful scenery, nature at its best and wildest, great food and fine fishing. Amongst the many places to visit:


At the Bay of Fires, there are beaches that stretch for kilometres, often with nary a foot print in sight, from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point further north.

At Coles Bay, you can take a cruise off Freycinet Peninsula. Not only can you get a good chance to spot Humpback Whales, but possibly also Southern Right and Orca Whales. There are also Dolphins and Seals to see.

At the East Coast Nature World, there are some 150 acres of nature, with parklands and lagoons. Here you see in their natural habitat, Australian birdlife and other animals, as well as flora. Wombats, Tasmanian Devils, Kangaroos inhabit the park, you can even do a snake handling course. Which is stronly advised, if your going to be handling snakes. For the not so adventurous, you can get up close with the koalas.

Famous for its fishing, St. Helens is not only liked for its fish but also its stunning beaches.

Culinary Experiences

Located to the south of Swansea, Kate’s Berry Farm is famous for its berries, but also coffee and its ice cream.

There are renowned vineyards in the region, including Freycinet and Spring Vale. You can sample their wines and even buy them.

Freycinet Marine Farm is known for its extremely fresh Pacific oysters and Tasmanian Blue Mussels. A must for lovers of seafood.

Penguin Parade

At Bicheno, you can experience the nightly parade of penguins from the ocean to their private nesting sites in their rookery. You can get up close at night, but you will need to book: Phone: +061 (0)3 6375 1333.

National Parks in East Tasmania

There are plenty of kangaroos to see at the Mount Williams National Park. At the Douglas-Apsley NP, there are deep river gorges with waterfalls and whitewaters as well as peaceful rivers.

With its own peninsula, the Freycinet NP sits on Oyster Bay and Wineglass Bay, where you can go diving, boating and kayaking. At the Evercreech Forest Reserve near Fingal, there are 90 metre white gums, as well as the Chain of Lagoons.

Off the coast is Maria Island, a national park by itself. Here you can spend days exploring this stunningly beautiful environment and coastal areas. No vehicles allowed.

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Weather for Tasmania

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