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The New ICC Sydney Centre at Darling Harbour. Photo Credit: HASSELL + Populous

The New ICC Sydney Centre at Darling Harbour. Photo Credit: HASSELL + Populous

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Darling Harbour Entertainment Centre (ICC Sydney)

Darling Harbour, a prime waterfront location only minutes away from the Sydney CBD. Having gone major re-development, there is new accommodation, exhibition, meeting and conference facilities as well as a new red carpet entertainment theatre.

The project has transformed the south east end of Darling Harbour into integrated world class facilities. They will make these Australia’s largest and most modern for conventions, exhibitions and entertainment.


Here will be superb entertainment facilities for not only local but overseas entertainment as well as sport. With seating for 8,000 people, the new building is situated in front of Tumbalong Place with a unique fan based design auditorium. This will allow for audiences to be more up close to entertainers. It will also be suitable for sporting events, including basketball.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Dining

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The new convention centre, the International Convention Centre (ICC Sydney) will have world class and innovative meeting spaces that can be configured for maximum benefit to attendees. Three facilities that will be able to collectively hold more than 12,000 delegates, will be self-sufficient.


Designed to be Australia’s largest Exhibition space to be used well into the future, there will be a total of 35,000 square metres available for flexible use.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events will be able to use the new external event deck. Including a bar and lounge, the deck of 5,000 square metres will have superb views of the city centre and Darling Harbour.

Grand Ballroom

The city’s largest ballroom will also be included, with seating for two thousand people.

Luxury Accommodation

A new luxury hotel is being built, to be managed by the Schwartz and Accor group with more than six hundred rooms, giving overseas and Australian conference attendees as well as visitors the best choices in accommodation.

The construction phase is well underway with the ICC Sydney, only some eight kilometres distance from Sydney Airport, with direct connections for trains and light rail transport, buses, car rentals and taxis.

Sydney Attractions Map

Map showing Darling Harbour to Sydney South.

More at Darling Harbour

ICC Sydney

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Chinese Garden of Friendship - A peaceful garden setting of ponds and waterfalls. Given by the Guangdong province it celebrates the contribution of Chinese culture to our way of life in Australia.

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