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Early Sydney Settlers: Loftus Street - Woman and Children

Early Sydney Settlers: Loftus Street - Woman and Children

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Settlers to Australia

The traditional owners of the land, the Australian Aboriginals, have occupied this continent and surrounding islands for more than forty thousand years. However, things changed rapidly upon the arrival of the First Fleet settlers, with convicts and their guards that had come from Britain to develop this place as an extension of the British Empire.

In the days of the early colony of NSW, convict women with their children had much to put up with. Lack of adequate diet, medical care and other basics were in short supply for the first 40 years. When gold was discovered, things began to change at a much faster pace.

New Immigrants

People began to stream in from all over the world, including China, Afghanistan, the Americas, even as far away as Britain. Gold was discovered in even more places in Australia, accelerating the process even more.

Museum of Sydney

The Museum of Sydney explores the early life of the many migrants that came to Australia over the years, including that of the convicts. With amazing displays that allow you to get up close:

Museum of Sydney

Immigration Museum

Melbourne also has a museum dedicated to the many that came to settle here. From the 1800s to the present, it tells the stories of individuals and families that came to live here. Found in the Melbourne Custom House:

Melbourne Australia Museums

Map of Sydney

See the location of the monument dedicated to the women and children that settled Australia:

Map of Sydney

Places in Australian History

And a cat who helped explore the coast of Australia and Tasmania:

Matthew Flinders Cat

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