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Queensland Gold Coast Must See Places

Queensland Gold Coast Must See Places

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Gold Coast Must See Places

Gold Coast Map Queensland

Extending southward along the Queensland coast from Brisbane for some 75 kilometres is the Gold Coast. Here, soft and golden sand beaches occupy some 42 kilometres of the coastline and is backed by modern apartments, hotels and shopping centres for most of the way to the border of New South Wales.

Yet further inland, the green fertile hinterlands hold many secret places to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy Gold Coast. The coast also has a number of must see places, the least are the stunning beaches covered with soft yellow sands.

Must See Places

Gold Coast Hinterlands

When visiting the Gold Coast, take the time to drive or tour through the green fertile hinterlands. In complete contrast to the long sandy beaches, ocean blue and luxury hotels and resorts, you will find national parks, state forests and reserves to explore and sweeping lush green vistas.

Gold Coast Hinterlands Points of Interest

Gold Coast Hinterlands The Hinterlands

Animal Theme Parks

The Gold Coast has a number of great theme parks, some centered on Australian animals and birdlife, others for the entertainment of kids of all ages. Sea World, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are just some of them, all promising a day or longer of excitement and fun.

FS Theme Parks

Beaches of the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Beaches include Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Coolangatta, all famous in Australia in their own right, but there are many others along the coastline here, even quiet ones for those wanting to experience a more peaceful day out.

Gold Coast Beaches

SLSC Beaches

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