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Lithgow NSW

Lithgow is on the north west corner of the Map: Blue Mountains Map.

Historically, the town of Lithgow was and still is an important gateway to the Central West of NSW It also played an important part in the state’s early industrial development.

National Parks in the Surrounds

Lithgow Valley, on the west side of the Sydney Blue Mountains is near the World Heritage Blue Mountains. Wollomi NP and four others, including Marrangaroo, Gardens of Stone, Kanangra Boyd and Turon are nearby.

Wollomi National Park

Wollomi National Park is part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Here, there are vast forests of green, canyons and deep gorges formed over the millenia lined by steep cliffs of sandstone. The park is accessible from Lithgow.

There is a large variety of native animals seen in the park, protected of course, but if your quiet, you may be able to see them going about their daily activities. They include wallabies, quolls, kangaroos and the rare platypus, spotted in crystal clear streams.

Found not long ago (1994) in the region is the Wollomi Pine, a tree that is known to have existed more than a hundred million years ago. This living fossil is a direct link to the prehistoric past of the Australian continent, a living species that existed when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Marrangaroo National Park

Marrangaroo NP, centered around the meandering Cox’s River has high peaks, some reaching over 1200 metres. Camping is available at designated spots along the river.

Canoeing and Kayaking are popular activities, particularly at Lake Lyell. You can even go down the rapids in a suitable kayak of the Cox’s River after heavy rains. Mountain biking is also popular, there are many trails that will take you to secluded spots and past stunning scenery. For the best views, take the walk to the top of Mount Walker where you can get unparalleled views of the surrounding region.

The Gardens of Stone National Park

The Gardens of Stone NP, so named because of the unusual formations of ironstone, is also part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The ironstone, all that remains of the deep sandstone that once covered the area has formed pagoda like structures of rock. The pagodas, combined with the many ferns, banksia trees and other native plants give this special place a garden look.

Turon National Park

There was gold in these hills. Now Turon NP is known for its trout fishing in its river, as well as the heritage remains of early NSW colonial settlement and Aboriginal occupation. Here you can see the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, squirrel gliders, owls and other native fauna.

Kanangra Boyd National Park

Kanangra Boyd NP, near Oberon in the Central Tablelands, is set on the Boyd River and Morong Creek. There are plenty of picturesque walks available, visiting the waterfall and lookouts make for an enjoyable day out. You can camp there as well at the Boyd River campground and the Dingo Dell campground.

Native animals that can be seen here include kangaroos, wallabies, sugar gliders, brush-tail possums and even wombats. Above in the skies, it is not unusual to see magnificent wedge tailed eagles on the hunt.

Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum

Australia’s industrial history, with an amazing collection of firearms, many originally made here. Complete with non-military manufactured items, artworks, photos and story exhibits.

Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum

Open 9.30am to 2pm Tue, Wed and Thu. 10 am to 4pm weekends and public holidays. Phone
02 6351 4452

69 Methven Street


Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park & Railway

The story of the State Mine, with exhibits, photos, train engines and artefacts.

Lithgow State Mine

Open 12am to 4pm weekends and public holidays. Phone
02 6353 1513

3 State Mine Gully Road


Lithgow City

Find out more about Lithgow, including restaurants and other attractions:

Lithgow Visitor Centre


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