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Touring Australia: On the Snowy Mountains Highway, a small part of the Great Dividing Range

Touring Australia: On the Snowy Mountains Highway, a small part of the Great Dividing Range

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The Great Dividing Range of Australia

Touring Australia: Considered the third most longest mountain range (on land) in the world, those touring Australia will find everything from spectacular alpine scenery and ski resorts in Victoria and NSW to deep rainforests and volcanic calderas in the far north of Queensland.

Stretching for more than 3,500 kilometres, it divides the East Coast of Australia from the western interior in Queensland and New South Wales, while in Victoria it reaches the south coast of the continent before heading towards the Grampian Mountains in the west part of the state.

The dividing mountain range is actually a long complex of mountain ranges and plateaus formed over many millions of years.

Capital Country

Goulburn NSW with Map

Alpine Snow Country

This part of the range is the Snowy Mountains in NSW and the High Country in Victoria, a snow sports paradise in the winter months (June to August) and an alpine mountain experience for those wishing to explore during the warmer months.

Mount Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains of NSW is the highest peak of the Great Dividing Range at 2,228 metres.

Snowy Mountains of NSW


In Queensland’s north east there are stunning National Parks that cover much of the undeveloped parts of the range:

Queensland National Parks

National Parks

Over forty National Parks protect much of the range, including its many native animals, birdlife and flora.

National Parks


The Snowy Mountains Highway takes you from the warmer South Coast of NSW to the alpine region of the Snowy Mountains. Along the way, Cooma is a pleasant stopover and has developed an interesting café culture and a number of excellent restaurants.

Enquire at the Cooma Visitors Information Centre about the many national parks, activities, things to do, camp sites and picnic areas, lakes, unique flora and fauna of the Snowy Mountains and on the South Coast. 119 Sharp Street, Cooma. Phone +061 2 6450 1742.

South Coast of NSW

Victoria to Canberra

If your travelling from through Cooma from South Victoria, the Monaro Highway gets you to Canberra.

If you wish to do the Snowy Mountains and the South Coast beaches during your visit, Sapphire Coast is a good place to stay, as is Cooma.

Sapphire Coast

National Parks on the Sapphire Coast and the Snowy Mountains provide ample opportunities for fun filled adventure discovery. Majestic mountain ranges with grand views. Rugged coastline interspersed with long idyllic beaches. Cool wet rainforests. Wild rivers. Peaceful lakes.

Snowy Mountains resorts set in stunning locations, hotels, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks, serviced apartments, homesteads and other holiday lettings - just some of the many types of accommodation available here.

Capital Country

Australia Map

Touring: See the Australia Map, showing Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.


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