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Goulburn Weather

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Goulburn NSW Weatherzone Report

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Goulburn NSW

The tree lined streets of Goulburn hide the long history of this inland town. Being close to not only Sydney but also Canberra, it has long been a favourite place to stop off for travellers to either city.

Southern Highlands

Kangaroo Valley is just west from the South Coast and considered a good place to spot not only the variety of colourful birdlife but other Australian wildlife within the hilly surrounding forests and bushland.

Capital Country Information

The surrounding region of Canberra is regarded as Capital Country. Goulburn is the largest city within the region.

Goulburn Places to Visit

Tourism: Goulburn Information Centre Phone: (02) 4823 4492 or 1800 899 123.

Temperature and Seasons in Australia

Note: The seasons in Australia are reversed to the Northern Hemisphere - i.e. Winter is in June to August with our Spring in September to November. Summer is December to February. Australia has a temperate climate, with over 340 sunny days per year. Summer can have strong sunny days so wear a hat and sunscreen between 10am and 3pm (when outdoors!). Summer average temperature 22 Celsius, Winter avg. temperature 13 Celsius.

Goulburn Accommodation

There are some great surrounding country hotels as well as in the city. Motels and caravan parks are also easy to find.

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