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Lightning Ridge NSW

Lightning Ridge on the Map: NSW North East Map.

Exploring Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is famous around the world for its black opals, indeed, the largest deposits in the world are found here. Because of its deep black colour, any other colours in it will stand out and sparkle, such as deep hued reds, blues and greens. You can also tour the Big Opal mine, where you can fossick for yourself and experience what life was like in the early years.


There are other attractions in Lightning Ridge, including the Bottle House, a eco house made, well, from bottles (more than 14,000 of them). Or take a bath at the Bore Baths, an artesian bore, naturally heated and rich with minerals for those sore muscles.

There is also plenty of history to explore here. After Opals were discovered here in 1902, there have been many who have come here to seek their fortune. They still do, why not try your own hand?

Heritage Cottage

If your interested in what life was like in those early days, visit the Historical Society and Heritage Cottage for all about the local history of the town and surrounds.

Chambers of the Black Hand

At the Chambers of the Black Hand, there is wonderful collection of carvings, hieroglyphics and statues underground in an old mine. Located at 3 Mile Rd. There are tours available of the mine.

The kids will enjoy the Olympic Pool and Water Theme Park located on Gem St. in town. Phone +061 2 6829 0150 for more information.

Or if you want to shop for an amazing, maybe even bewildering, array of these precious gemstones, there are a number of Opal specialists for you to visit.

Airport at Lightning Ridge

There is an Airport at Lightning Ridge, so you can fly there if you wish, from many airports in NSW and other parts of Australia. See the Australia Airports Map.

Parks and Surrounds

Narran Lake Nature Reserve

This lake at Narran is known for fishing, even though it is surrounded in a dry land. Find out at the Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the reservoir is open to the public when your going to be there, as well as get a fishing license, if you do not already have one.

Culgoa National Park

This iconic Australian desert park has reddish tinged browns and yellows, with billabongs (water holes) and tall red river gums. The land is covered with Coolabah trees.

Piliga Nature Reserve

There are more than two hundred species of birds here, including owls, parrots and other rare species. There is also a large population of koalas and gum forests. At the Salt Caves, there is a long history of Aboriginal occupation, the Gamilaraay people. In fact, the best way to experience this park is with a guided Aboriginal Discovery Tour, learn about the rich environment, the history behind its creation and how people survived here. Here, they found food, medicines, shelter and weapons.

Mount Kaputar National Park

The grand forests of Mount Kaputar National Park beckon as does the inspiring scenery. A wonderful place to explore, there are numerous tracks that take you to different places including stunning lookouts, you can also go Mountain Biking and Horse Riding. Camping is available and so are cabins. More about Mount Kaputar National Park


There are plenty of places to stay at Lightning Ridge, including motels, an assortment of caravan parks, as well as camping grounds.

Tourism Information

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Informing Local Information Centres

It is important to inform Local Information Centres (including automotive clubs) of your plans to explore remote areas. Inform them of where you plan to go, when you leave and when you plan to arrive. Take any advice they give you about the local conditions and learn as much as possible about surviving in the Outback as possible before setting out. These are only handy hints, aquiring as much knowledge as possible can save your life.

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