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Main Gateway to Chinatown in Adelaide

Main Gateway to Chinatown in Adelaide

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Adelaide’s Chinatown

No. 18 on the Adelaide CBD Map.

Situated primarily between Adelaide’s Grote and Gouger Streets is Chinatown. Here you can find not only excellent dining and eateries, but shopping for bargains of all kinds from Asia.


Freshly made dumplings, noodles and stir fry can be found here in a variety of Asian restaurants, eateries and cafés in and around Chinatown. Sushi, sashimi, pad thai and much more, such as Korean BBQ and kim-chi also. The list is almost endless with lots of surprises as well, such as Mexican, crepes and chocolate desserts.


If your not up for a full sit-down dining experience, try one of the many eateries that are situated here. Scattered around Chinatown you will be spoilt for choice, bring your appetite with you!

Various cafés here will give you even more selections and the International Dining food court has an amazing array of eateries as well.

Wine Bars and Pubs

If your looking for excellent cocktails, a select wine bar, or a good place to celebrate happy hour, you will find a good selection to choose from, all within short walking distance of each other.

If you like fresh sushi with your cold beer, check out the Sushi Bar Genki.

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