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Port Macquarie beach on the North Coast of NSW

Port Macquarie beach on the North Coast of NSW

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Sydney Car Hire, Rentals in Australia

Car rental companies in Sydney include Avis, Hertz, Thrifty and Budget, amongst many others.

Shop around as there are some good bargains available from different agencies at different times. Luxury import vehicles as well as Australian cars are available, including four wheel drives, vans and campervans.

The larger vehicle rental agencies will drop the car off at your hotel and are available at Sydney airport.

Many of the larger Sydney agencies allow you to drop cars and other vehicles like campervans or four wheel drives off at many of the major tourist spots if you want to try exploring the state of New South Wales.

With one of the largest car fleets in Australia and a company that takes pride in its quality of service:

Hiring a Car in Sydney

Some things you may wish to consider before hiring a car.

International Drivers License

Overseas drivers licenses and International licenses are accepted. If your license is not in English, you need to carry a translation in English with you when driving. You will probably have to make a deposit or give credit card details before pick up.

Note: Speed limits in built up areas marked by sign or streetlights is limited to 50kms per hour. Cars in Sydney and Australia drive on the left.

Tolls and Parking

Some sections of Sydney major roads require a toll.

Sydney Drive Tours

A popular car tour drive is from Sydney to Melbourne, with a stopoff in Canberra.

This tour takes you through much of Australia’s beautiful and varied countryside, with a chance to visit many of the national museums and attractions located in our capital of Canberra.

Another well travelled route is from Sydney to Brisbane, with stopoffs along the coast to sample the fare and local lifestyle. Long beaches, beautiful rainforests and chances to see Australian wildlife abound.

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast of Queensland is another popular tour destination, you can hire a car in Sydney to drive up the scenic coast of New South Wales to go to the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Car Hire

Or a Gold Coast car hire to Sydney - See Queensland Map.

Along the way, visits to the Central Coast NSW and the NSW North Coast, as well as Northern Rivers NSW are all well worth doing.

Sydney Getaways

To the south of Sydney, the North Coast of NSW has delights for visitors as well.

Sleepy villages tucked between long beaches and sweeping headlands, national and state parks and chances to explore antique and artisan shops and wineries. Be sure to sample the seafood.

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