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Travelling the Sturt Highway between Balranald and Hay

Travelling the Sturt Highway between Balranald and Hay

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Balranald and Surrounds, NSW

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The historic town of Balranald on the Sturt Highway, between Adelaide and Sydney has outdoor adventure, history and good places to eat and shop. Perfect for those wanting to explore the Outback of NSW as well as the more temperate Riverina and the Murray Regions.

Heritage Trail

Along this trail, you will discover the historic sites of Balranald and personalities that made up this town. There are informative plaques along the way. Maps are available at the visitor information centre (see below).

Places to Visit


The old Balranald Goal is now open to visitors and has tours available, relating the stories and people that were here over the years from 1887 to the 1930s.

Malcolm Building Museum

On display here are historic photographs and artefacts from the region.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery hosts local and visiting art shows.

Yanga National Park

Just to the north of Barnald is the Yanga National Park on the Murrumbidgee River, one of the newest declared parks in the state (2009). Many species of migratory birds come through here in their season. It is also home to the endangered southern bell frog, makes makes a sound similar to a motorcycle in the distance.

Fishing is allowed in certain parts of the park, canoeing is also popular. There are also scenic walks and lookouts, as well as birdhides, where you can observe the many types of birds that live here.

The park was, until recently, a working pastoral station, the largest in the country. There is an interesting exhibition at the Cook’s Cottage, which explores the lives of people that worked here.

Mungo National Park

Significant not only for its protection of the environment and wildlife, Mungo National Park is the site where Mungo Man’s skeletal remains, have been found. Some twenty thousand years ago, there was a lake here complete with fish and waterbirds. People lived here then and much longer, as Mungo Man dates back some twenty thousand years. Earlier, a women’s skeleton, buried ritually, was found here, believed to be at least forty three thousand years, and then later, that of a child believed to date back to the time of Mungo Man.

NSW Regions

NSW Central Regions

Balranald Visitor Information Centre

The Balranald Discovery Centre, located at 83 Market Street in town, has all kinds of useful information on motels, caravan parks, places to visit and things to see and do. Also here is the Balranald Visitor Information centre, Phone 1800 444 043 (in Australia). Here you can get local area maps with points of interest, as well as locally made goods and curios.


North of Balranald: NSW Outback.

Canberra ACT

Directly east is the city of Canberra of the Australian Capital Territory, with national museums, monuments and art galleries: Canberra ACT.

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