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Despite its dangers, rock fishing is popular in Australia. Photo: Rottnest Island in Western Australia

Despite its dangers, rock fishing is popular in Australia. Photo: Rottnest Island in Western Australia

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Catching Fish in Australia

Here there is saltwater fishing, river and lakes fishing and even snorkelling and spearfishing. If you plan to visit this country, you will probably want to go yourself. Charter a boat, or just find a deserted beach and angle fish.

No matter where you go in the country, unless you choose the extreme desert regions, you can find places to fish. Even in the deserts, there are rivers providing cool respite.

In the far north, you will want to check there are no crocodiles in your chosen water spot, but other than that, fishing here is no more hazardous than anywhere else.

All of Australia’s cities, with the exception of Canberra, is on the coast and were built where there were reliable sources of water, so if your limited for time, you can even find ample opportunities in and around our cities.

Those with more time on their hands, can find pristine rivers in places as far away as Tasmania for a memorable fishing trip. Thousands of miles of beaches and rock headlands will give you more.

Fishing is the number one sport in a country of sports, and for good reason. There is plenty of fishing to be done here, from our pristine ocean waters to the lakes and streams of the country.

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