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Boating and Yachting are very Popular

Boating and Yachting are very Popular

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Finding Adventure in Australia

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Australia, being such a large continent, has things to do for every person looking for adventure. Exploring Australia’s natural environs ranks big since so much of the country is still unspoilt. Those seeking to do will probably plan to visit remote places like Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the desert or the vast Wilderness Region of Tasmania.

Planning a specialist vacation would be ideal for visiting this country seeking adventure. There are tours available for seeking to explore remote areas, whether desert, mountains, or our marine parks.


Cycling around scenic places is growing in popularity, as is boating and yachting. For the sports minded, there is plenty to do as well, from fishing to sky-diving. See:

Sports in Australia

Water Sports and Activities

The greatest sport in Australia. Fishing: Australia Fishing.

Crocosaurus Cove: Swimming with Crocodiles: Crocodiles Northern Territory.

Diving amongst the sharks is possible for the adventurous at the Neptune Islands in South Australia. Enjoy the thrill of a lifetime, feel the buzz.

Snorkelling: Australia Snorkelling.

Sailing is a great way to see Australia, its long coast and its many pristine islands: Australia Sailing.


Golf: Great golf courses for those visiting: Golf around Australia.

World Heritage Sites

Australia has a large number of World Heritage Sites, all worth exploring: Australia World Heritage Sites.

Fossicking for Opals

You can find your own Black Opals at Lightning Ridge. Or you can just buy them at amazing prices there as well.


Something different: In the desert and behind beaches in Australia, you cand find sand dunes to surf.


Attractions in Australia such as our many national parks offer adventure, great scenery and lifetime memories: Australia Attractions.

Stuff for Kids

Lots of things to do with the whole family in Australia: Activities for kids around Australia.

Australia adventure and activities for looking for things to do in this country. Wildlife, sports, activities and information.

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