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Sydney’s Cronulla Beaches, showing the train station and the long sandy crescent

Sydney’s Cronulla Beaches, showing the train station and the long sandy crescent

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Australia Coast Life

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All along the popular beaches in Australia there’s much to do for visitors, activities range from sailing and boating to learning how to surf, kayaking and beach volleyball. Or just grabbing a towel to lie on and enjoying the scenery.

Being the only continent in the world that is completely surrounded by water, Australia has 35,876 km of coastline with more on the islands, adding another 23,859 km. With all that coast, Aussies have learnt how to have fun in and out of the water.

Water safety is important, however. Swim at surf life guard patrolled beaches, swim between the flags and stay safe. Don’t forget to take sun protection with you.

Western Australia

You can ride a camel along Broome’ famous beach in north Western Australia, particularly impressive at sunset. There are even 130 million year old footprints left by dinosaurs to spot. More about Broome Western Australia.

Queensland Coast

Queensland has a stunning coastline, long and interspersed with beautiful beaches, sleepy fishing villages and just off to the east, the Great Barrier Reef with its many sub-tropical islands. More about the Queensland Coast.

New South Wales

Sydney in New South Wales has great beaches all along its coastline, but the east of the state has many more. Little towns along the way make for a varied and comfortable stay, or you could opt for camping in a coastal National Park. You could even hire a beach house, go fishing on a charter, or learn how to surf. More about the Coast of New South Wales.


There are stunning National Parks along the coast with beautiful beaches in Victoria, some you can camp in. The views alone are worth a visit, another is the Great Ocean Road which runs south west of Melbourne all the way to South Australia. More about Touring the Victoria Coast.

South Australia

Places to visit on the South Australia coast include:

Not only can you sample different seascapes and beaches but some excellent South Australian wines at the many coastal wineries. At Victor Harbor, you can go whalewatching or dolphin spotting, ride the horsedrawn tram to Granite Island, or check out the beach at Horseshoe Bay.


Tasmania offers wild untamed coastal scenery, with its many coastal National Parks under protection. It also gets some of the largest surf in the world during winter, while at other times its many, many beaches including those at sheltered bay offer a beach escape like no other. More about Tasmania, Island State.

Northern Territory

The Top End. Home to the Kimberleys, Kakadu, desert and spectacular rainforests. And a beautiful sub-tropical coastline to explore. Northern Territory.

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