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Suburb: The calm waters and view of Port Adelaide

Suburb: The calm waters and view of Port Adelaide

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Adelaide Suburbs

See the Map of Adelaide Suburbs.

To the east of the city are the beautiful Adelaide Hills while in the west are the beachside suburbs.

Inner Suburbs

North Adelaide

Considered part of the inner City, it is nonetheless divided from the rest of the city by the the Torrens River and the surrounding Parklands. That being said, it has excellent collections of restaurants and heritage pubs, in places like O’Connel Street and Melbourne Street.

North Adelaide also has other places to visit: The Aquatic Centre, where you can swim and partake in a whole host of water activities and the Adelaide Oval. There are also beautiful heritage homes and gardens, taking a stroll along some of the streets in the suburb will delight.

Along the Coast

Port Adelaide

Further to the North West of the city centre is Port Adelaide. This is where South Australia’s many migrants came ashore over the decades.

Here you can see fine heritage buildings that date back to the 1840s. There are also three major museums here, the SA Aviation Museum, the SA Maritime Museum and the National Railway Museum.

The actual port area is also worth visiting, there are restaurants, cafes and pubs and great views to be had. In the water itself there are the Port River Dolphins, they live in the clean waters here.

Take one of the many cruises available here to experience the dolphins, the history and the views from the water’s perspective. You can also take a self-drive tour on the Port River Dolphin Trail if you wish, and see them frolic and hunt for fish in the shallows.


Semaphore is another delightful Adelaide Suburb in the north-west of the city. It has not only beaches, but shopping, cafés and coastal walks that allow you take in the fantastic views.

Like Grange, Henley Beach and Glenelg, there is a long white sandy beach, fronted by the clean waters of the Gulf of St. Vincent. Birdlife abounds, dunes with native plants back the beach to protect it.

Adelaide Beach Suburbs

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